Types of Membership

The society has following types of membership:

  • Founder Member – All members of the ad-hoc committee who assumed different roles and duties before the Society was registered are the Founder Members. There are eleven Founder Members of the Society including President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and six General Members. Founder Members are also General Life Members of the Society.
  • General Member – Any Nepalese individual, who is interested in the science of physiology, especially physiologist, can apply for General Member. The General Member is of two types – Yearly (Term) Membership and Life Membership.
  • Student Member – Any Nepalese individual, who is a student of any health science program at any level, especially physiology or other basic medical sciences, can become a Student Member. The membership will be valid for the duration of the particular study program.
  • Honorary Member – The Society can provide Honorary Membership to distinguished individuals who have contributed substantially to the development of the science of physiology in Nepal or the Society.

Benefits of Membership

The members of the Society can enjoy or are entitled to the following benefits –

  • Waiving (partial) on the charges in various activities of the Society such as conferences, publications, and workshops.
  • Full or Associate membership to national and international societies with which PSN has bilateral ties, and enjoy the benefits offered by those societies.
  • Information, recommendations, and other assistance from the Society to participate in events organized by other organizations around the world, around the year.
  • Interaction with other members through the Society’s website.

Membership Fees

  • General Yearly Membership: NRs. 1000/-
  • General Life Membership: NRs. 10,000/- (Special offer Rs 5,000.0 till 13th April, 2022)
  • Student Membership: NRs. 1000/- (for the duration of the studying course)

Delay in renewal (within 1 month from date of expiration) will require NRs. 500/- fine.

Payment Method: Please contact PSN Executive Member

Bank Wire Transfer
  • A duplicate or photocopy of the deposit slip with the applicant's name and address in addition to the payment details must be sent.
  • All bank service charges are to be paid by the applicants. Checks will not be accepted.

Benefits of Membership

The members of the Society can enjoy or are entitled to the various benefits.

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