Message From President

Prof Dr Tara Man Amatya

Human Physiology or Medical/Clinical Physiology is not only the study of body functions, their mechanisms, regulations and management of dysfunctions and diseases in human beings but physiology in fact is the foundation and mother of medicine. This is the reason why there is a Nobel Prize in this subject of Physiology OR Medicine and because new research and new knowledge in physiology bring the breakthrough in medicine. Thus, Physiological Society of Nepal (PSN) has emerged to integrate the knowledge and skills of Physiologists of Nepal working in various fields of basic and clinical sciences.

Medical education in physiology is universal. Besides, Nepal can offer unique opportunities in the field of physiology for national and international researchers to do research on high altitude physiology, sports physiology and wellness medicine because of its diversity in altitude, climate and ethnicities. If promoted favorably, Nepal could be an open laboratory in the world for physiological studies and PSN will be the most appropriate platform.

Prof Dr Tara Man Amatya
President of Physiological Society of Nepal (PSN)
Vice-Principal and Head of the Department of Physiology, Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Kathmandu

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